Congratulations 2018 Queensland Young Australian of the Year - Phil Thompson

APMA is very pleased to congratulate one of our newest Committee of Management members Phil Thompson on his recent award - 2018 Queensland Young Australian of the Year.

Phil Thompson 2018 Queensland Young Australian of the Year 5

Phil is a 29 year old veterans’ champion from Townsville, Australia's "garrison city". After enlisting in the Australian Army in 2006 at the age of 17, Phillip Thompson was deployed to East Timor and later Afghanistan. While on a dismounted patrol in 2009, Phil was wounded when an improvised explosive device detonated just a metre away. The incident left Phil with an array of medical conditions – including hearing loss and tinnitus, post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder and a traumatic brain injury – all of which have changed Phil’s life dramatically.

Since recovering from his injuries, Phillip has advocated tirelessly for veterans’ employment, health and wellbeing, which has seen him appointed to national and government boards on mental health, self-harm and suicide. He has competed at the Invictus Games in London and coached at Orlando in 2016. Phil also volunteers his time to listen to his fellow veterans, and has saved countless lives. Phil shares his story and his life experiences to empower other injured and ill ex-servicemen to have meaningful employment and community engagement.

Phil joined the APMA Committee of Management in July. He is well aware that chronic pain, mental health, self-harm and suicide are often intertwined. As he has observed, "Pain is something that you cannot see, and for many veterans the toll of service has left us in constant pain. The understanding of appropriate pain management is something that all servicemen and women need to be aware of to manage our pain effectively to have functional meaningful life."

Congratulations Phil on a well-earned award which will help to raise awareness of the need for more understanding, services and support for these issues.


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