Michael Clarke - Ambassador for Pain Management

Michael Clarke, former Australian Cricket Captain takes on another Australian leadership role, and perhaps, his biggest challenge yet, to bring about awareness of chronic nerve pain. Michael is proud to be named the new national Ambassador for Pain Management.

Michael Clarke and Lil Carrigan

Michael is well qualified for the role as he has suffered severe nerve pain since he was seventeen, from degenerative discs in his back. Playing 115 Test matches throughout his career has caused multiple back injuries. It was heart breaking watching Michael Clarke play his last Test, knowing he was suffering dreadful back pain. However, true to form the tough former Australian captain scored 132 runs before retiring from Test cricket.

His nerve pain has severely limited his life away from cricket. “It has had a huge impact on my personal life”, he said.

Elizabeth Carrigan, APMA CEO said, everyone knows Michael Clarke, but this personal battle with nerve pain has been a hidden side of him up until now. Breaking the silence to talk about pain takes enormous courage. “No one doubts Clarkey’s toughness and this will help sports players and others to be able to open up and talk about their nerve pain.”

Michael has been able to “get help and get advice” about nerve pain and encourages others to do the same - speak to your treating health professionals.




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