Book review - Living well with chronic pain - a 5-step plan

Living Well with Chronic Pain


The book Living well with chronic pain: a 5-step plan doesn't waste a word. It entices the reader, like a well-cast fishing line, into thinking about and trying new pain-management approaches.

Author Chris J Fallon doesn't let readers off the hook easily: if you feel uncomfortable with some of the hooks which he throws, read on; it may be that he has hit a nerve, but once it settles, revisit the hook and think about how to apply it to your situation and life.

Chris is a straight shooter; he doesn't sugarcoat what he or others need to do to live well with pain, but he does write from personal experiences and he hones a clear path to managing pain so that pain doesn't manage you. Man writing Live well with CP book review

Living well with chronic pain: a 5-step plan is only 50+ pages long – short enough to read during a few coffee breaks – but have a highlighter handy, because many times you'll find yourself hovering over little gems and making notes.

Chris undertook a pain-management program (ADAPT at the Royal North Shore Hospital) fairly late into his pain journey. But ADAPT gave him the knowledge, skills and attitudes that have resulted in his no- nonsense, real- life examples which will resonate with many of us.

As Chris says, give life all you can, because a life with persistent pain is not like fine china, to be stored away for important occasions. Yes we live with pain and this is hard to do but we are hard-wearing, able, extraordinary beings, who are valuable by virtue of our talents and perspectives, and who are of high value in our communities.

Welcome to a new world. Living well with chronic pain: a 5-step plan can show you how!

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