Mindfulness Based Meditation

Pain is the body's powerful warning system that something is wrong. However, chronic pain is often not warning us that damage is occurring anymore and it is likely that the tissue damage is long since healed. This doesn't mean that the pain is not real - it is! However, the pain may be coming from and being generated by the spinal cord and the brain. Long term pain creates strong body tension which mindfulness can help break to ease the pain-tension-anxiety cycle. mindfulness

Mindfulness is a psychological technique whereby a person focuses their attention fully on the present moment, while calmly noticing and accepting the current thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations such as pain.

It's about being completely present in the moment. Much of the time our lives are on 'auto pilot, for example, after driving home from the shops, not being able to recall the drive home. Mindfulness meditation consists of placing your full attention on breathing as if you're an observer of it naturally flowing in and out of your body. Focusing fully on the sights, sounds and sensations using all of the senses you begin to notice your thoughts coming and going without resisting or grappling with them. You come to realise that you can choose to interact with these thoughts or not – that the choice of observing or acting on these thoughts and feelings is your own.

Mindfulness techniques can help to accept long-term pain, reduce stress, view important relationships and neutralise suffering.

The Mindfulness Solution to Pain book guides you a a fuller appreciation of the techniques of mindfulness

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