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Queensland Election

Can your local candidates answer these tough questions?

1. Do you know that approx. 1 million Queenslanders live with chronic pain?Qld Election

2. Are you aware that back pain is the No 1 cause of disability in Queensland?

3. Does your party have a policy on pain management?

4. Will you support funding for help lines, support groups and other community support?

5. What can you do to improve the poor quality of life for Queenslanders living in pain?

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Nanolume Pain Tracker and Diary

The pain tracking app by Nanolume is custom made for chronic pain. Download and try for yourself!


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Order your 2016/2017 Entertainment Book

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This year the Entertainment Book is also available as mobile app, offering convenient offers on-the-go! Offers include discounts for popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more. 

No matter which State you live in, we have an Entertainment Book for you.

The new 2016-17 Entertainment Book

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Chronic Pain has Family Connections

Startling new science has discovered that genes can greatly increase individual’s risk of developing chronic pain.CP has Family Connections

Professor Andrew McIntosh is Professor of Biological Psychiatry at University of Edinburgh led a team that used data from 23,960 persons in the Generation Scotland: Scottish Family Health Study, and 112,151 individuals from the United Kingdom Biobank.

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Rewire your pain - a new resource for people living with pain

Dr Stephanie Davies, a member of APMA's Clinical Advisory Committee and colleagues from WASPS (WA Specialist Pain Services) will shortly launch 'Rewire Your Pain  – An evidence-based approach to reducing chronic pain'. Packed full of transforming tips on how to manage pain and get the most out of your life, many suggestions are based on movement, healthy lifestyles and positive thinking, rather than increased medication.

APMA CEO Elizabeth Carrigan endorses the message provided by the book, which she believes "provides people of any age who live with on-going pain practical and evidence-based strategies to manage their pain."

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Back Pain Shortens Life Span

Back pain is not confined to localised aches and pains but could lead to early death.Back pain

Associate Professor Paulo Ferreira of University of Sydney has found that people with a history of back pain had a substantially higher chance of dying prematurely compared to others.

In research that scrutinised 4,000 twins in Denmark, researchers examined whether there was any link between back (and/or neck) pain and mortality. This research is important for showing the life-limiting effects of ongoing pain on the whole body.

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Ten Tips for managing pain during the holiday season

(plus a free bonus holiday tip)

It's supposed to be the "most wonderful time of the year," but the rush of the holiday season can leave many people anxiety-ridden. Juggling competing demands, such as work, visiting relatives, parties, cooking and Christmas shopping at crowded shopping centres, can be stressful. And stress aggravates many persistent pain conditions and can cause pain flare ups. It's important to pace yourself and build in deep breathing (from your diaphragm).

Here are some helpful tips to reduce stress and help ease pain around the holidays:

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