2017 CoM

[L to R]: Paul Murdoch (Deputy Chair), David Winter (Chair), Karen Ryan (former Secretary), Jackie Trad [Queensland Deputy Premier], Elizabeth Carrigan (CEO) and Janet Caffin (former President) at the launch of APMA's National Pain Week Purple Patch tree planting event in Brisbane

[Absent]  Robyn Antill, Shaun Conroy, Georgie Ibbott (Secretary), Alex Leombruni (Treasurer), David Masters.

Chair: David Winter 

David Winter joined APMA in mid-2017. David has worked in law enforcement for over 30 years and has specialised in ethics, integrity, workplace and criminal David Winter pictureinvestigations. He is highly trained in dignitary protection and has performed high risk protection duties and provided world class comprehensive protection packages for numerous Prime Ministers, Premiers, and Presidents from Australia and overseas. He conducts lectures to government investigators concerning the skills required to effectively interview witnesses and suspects.

David is a Director of his own company, Chairperson for a commercial and residential complex and has previous experience as Chairperson for other Boards. This experience combined with a university qualification and as a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors provides David with a comprehensive skill set in management, strategy, risk, conflict resolution, negotiation and governance within both private and government organisations.

David has been an active Surf Live Saver and volunteer with Surf Life Saving Queensland and participated in community groups and charitable organisations both within Australia and overseas.

Deputy Chair: Paul Murdoch

Paul was until recently a senior executive employed in the Australian Public Service, responsible for managing the secretariat of an Paul Murdoch pictureindependent statutory authority with a budget of several million dollars. In that role he was responsible for inter-agency liaison and relationships, and dealt with Ministers, Parliament, the Ombudsman and a wide range of stakeholders. Paul has had extensive leadership and management experience in a range of roles. He recently completed his term as a Director on the Board of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia Ltd., the national peak body representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Paul was a consumer representative on the review of the Working Together Guide produced jointly by Medicines Australia and the Consumers Health Forum, and is currently a consumer representative on the National Nursing and Midwifery Education Advisory Network and the Centre of Research Excellence in Recovery Following Road Traffic Injuries Policy Advisory Group.

He has teaching/training qualifications and experience, has published and presented academically and had 15 years experience as a union official. For more than 15 years he has held a statutory appointment as a community representative on Queensland's Health Practitioners Tribunal and the various AHPRA health professional conduct review panels, and was appointed as the non-practitioner Member of the Professional Services Review Determing Authority in 2017. Paul has served as APMA Vice-President and Deputy Chair since its initial founding as an incorporated association in 2009.

Treasurer: Alexander A. Leombruni  

Alex joined APMA in mid-2019, and is an alumnus of Swinburne University of Technology (Hawthorn, Victoria), completing a Bachelor of Alex Leombruni pictureBusiness in Accounting and Economics. He is an FCPA with 25 years of experience in financial and executive management. He is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has held several directorships in associate companies and joint ventures.

Alex is a business professional with experience across diverse markets, industries and disciplines, having worked in listed and proprietary companies; Australian based and multinational.

As CEO and CFO in growing organisations, Alex has presided over substantial transformational change, navigating the advent of new technologies, eCommerce, digital media and shifts in environmental and societal expectations.


Secretary: Georgie Ibbott

Georgie Ibbott is a highly qualified and experienced executive with strong leadership skills and extensive networks and community connections APMA Ltd director Georgie Ibbottin Tasmania. Her tertiary qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce, an MBA, and she is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

In addition to her roles as Secretary and Non-Executive Director of APMA Ltd., Georgie is an active Director of a further three organisations:

  • Executive Director of the Tasmanian Audit Office (statutory appointment);
  • Chair and Non-Executive Director of Volunteering Tasmania; and
  • Non-Executive Director of On the Line (national social health organisation which delivers 22 outsourced telephone and digital counselling services 24/7 on behalf of its Government and commercial funders).

Georgie has held many leadership and executive roles in unique Tasmanian organisations and engaged with staff to positively transform work groups and organisations. She has pursued her keen interest and passion for the community and health sectors and prior to commencing as an independant consultant was employed as CEO of Family Planning Tasmania.

Georgie runs her own niche consultancy working with businesses to develop marketing strategies with an emphasis on business growth and sustainability. She is skilled and experienced at leading cultural change, project management, customer service, marketing and strategy development and execution.



Robyn Antill

As a highly skilled senior leader with global experience; Robyn brings strong international expertise to the APMA board in the areas of APMA Ltd director Robyn Antillproject management, strategic planning and governance.

With a key focus on delivery excellence, stakeholder alignment and value outcomes, for over 35 years Robyn’s services have been sought after, by global corporations across seven OECD countries to provide outstanding leadership in the IT implementation of multimillion-dollar technology solutions for a diverse range of industries including; pharmaceutical, utilities, oil and gas and government. Projects include: Oversight of Grant Management System for USAID; Turnaround Scheduling and Costing for Suncor and Project Lifecycle Planning for DSS (Drug Safety Science) Pfizer.

Now back in Australia, Robyn is applying her strong business and financial acumen to serve not-for-profit and member-based organisations to reach their goals. Robyn’s board experience includes: Treasurer and member of; Audit and Risk, Compliance, Nomination and Remuneration committees.

She is a Graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course and holds her Project Management Professional (PMP) and multiple Master’s qualifications.

Robyn’s curiosity and will to understand what is important to people has driven her ‘can-do’ approach to ensure the organisations she supports continue to make a difference in people’s lives.

Shaun Conroy

Shaun is a senior operations and finance leader who joined APMA in mid-2019. He is a Chartered Accountant and Fellow Shaun Conroy, APMA Directorof the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Shaun has held CEO, COO, Managing Director and Regional Director roles in public, private and government organisations.

Shaun was formerly the COO of a large accounting, audit and advisory professional services firm where he was responsible for IT, People and Capability, marketing and communications, PR, planning, risk management and financial reporting processes.

Shaun is passionate about growing people who build great teams and successful businesses, and has extensive international experience having worked in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore in senior government trade and banking roles.

David Masters 

David Masters joined the APMA Committee of Management in late-2017. David is a corporate strategist with over 15 years’ David Mastersexperience overseeing various disciplines including Engineering, Finance, Human Resource Strategy and Property Strategy. With a strong background in large scale project management, David specialised in the Strategic Planning and Financial Governance.

David originally started his career as a robotics engineer and holds a Masters degree in Engineering and a Graduate Diploma of Business Management while currently studying a Masters of Law. David’s Board experience consists of several small unlisted companies that operate in niche markets spaning, property development, online education, building services and telecommunications. He has also recently completed tenures as a trustee director on two medium sized superannuation funds and a philanthropic corporate sponsored not for profit community foundation. David is highly motivated and passionate about Corporate Responsibility, Cultural Change, Governance and Strategic Planning.

Chief Executive Officer: Elizabeth Carrigan 

Elizabeth Carrigan co-founded the Australian Pain Management Association Ltd. (APMA) in 2009 as a national consumer Lil Carrigan 2health  promotion charity for individuals with persistent pain and their families. Elizabeth is a former teacher with a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Diploma of Equal Opportunity Administration, and is a trained Leader of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. She was until recently a Director on the Board of Pain Australia Ltd, the national coordinating body working to prevent and manage pain and is a member of the Management Committee of Self Help Queensland.

She is the Australian representative on the International Patient Panel for he International Association for the Study of Pain's Education Special Interest Group to which she brings her extensive experience in the education field.

She played a major role in ensuring the success of the Australian pain and palliative care conference, 50 Shades of Pain held from 3-5 December 2014, using her project management skills and experience.

Elizabeth is passionate about bringing about active patient engagement in pain health care as well as embedding adult learning principles and practice into pain management programs so that patients are able to exit the programs with the skills needed to best manage their ongoing chronic pain.




The Australian Pain Management Association Ltd. (APMA) is a health promotion charity providing advocacy, information and practical support for people living with chronic (persistent) pain and their families. APMA is the consumer health organisation for all Australians who live with pain. APMA is your voice.


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