"Waking up every morning in pain can be overwhelming... thanks for helping"

APMA's Pain Link telephone helpline 1300 340 357 can be contacted for the cost of a local call. Staffed by volunteers who live (or have previously lived) with chronic pain themselves, support is only a call away. Don't suffer alone.

The helpline was established in 2010, and is the only such service in Australia helping people living with pain. APMA's volunteer staff are available to take calls from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours callers reach a voice-mail service and can leave a message, which will be returned within 24 hours.

In 2014, APMA volunteers received in excess of 1160 calls (more than 22 per week). Many of these callers are distressed and/or have complex needs. Calls can be lengthy.

APMA's increased profile has led to call volumes reaching the maximum capacity of this unfunded service. New contract arrangements were implemented for the service in 2014, using specialised technology which provides improved capacity and features, including automatic email advice of voicemail messages and taping of calls for training and quality control purposes. 

A comprehensive manual has been produced for volunteers staffing the service, and training sessions designed to enhance volunteer skills and knowledge are regularly conducted.

Read about what our callers say about Pain Link here.

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The Australian Pain Management Association Ltd. (APMA) is a health promotion charity providing advocacy, information and practical support for people living with chronic (persistent) pain and their families. APMA is the consumer health organisation for all Australians who live with pain. APMA is your voice.


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