Pain in the Media

APMA's media strategy and employment of a part-time media manager was adopted in April 2013. The long-term goals of the media strategy are to

• build awareness of the APMA name, aims and activities within the health industry and wider community;

• educate people that self-management of persistent pain is achievable and provide evidence-based information and resources; and

• encourage involvement through membership and/or volunteering.

A part-time media manager was employed from mid-2012 until  August 2014, with a very high level of success in the pursuit of these goals. An extensive media contact list was developed, regular media releases were produced, and specific events, developments and themes targetted. Quality media releases are able to be quickly and efficiently distributed with a high likelihood of being 'picked up' and reported. A significant number of articles were commissioned and published, as well as publication of articles and reports featuring the knowledgable views of APMA representatives.

APMA's limited finances have required the filling of the position to be suspended, until mid-2016. In the led-up to National Pain Week 2016 it is hoped that funding will be obtained to enable a media manager position to be staffed.

Media representatives wishing to contact APMA, obtain comments or arrange interviews can obtain details here. Further information about the enhanced media reporting and profile of APMA activities and views in recent years can be viewed here.


The Australian Pain Management Association Ltd. (APMA) is a health promotion charity providing advocacy, information and practical support for people living with chronic (persistent) pain and their families. APMA is the consumer health organisation for all Australians who live with pain. APMA is your voice.


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