Dealing With Attitudes Towards Chronic Pain

If you are suffering with persistent or chronic pain the greatest challenge which you may face can be dealing with attitudes. That is, your attitude towards your situation, and the attitude of others towards you.

Your attitude towards your pain is important and will determine the efficiency of the coping mechanisms which you develop. Dealing with Attitudes

The attitude of others will always prove a challenge. Most people will have experienced pain at one point in their lives. That pain, however, mostly would have been caused by an obvious event or condition and, although it may have been intense, would have abated and finally settled. This experience will determine their attitude towards pain but, unless the pain was prolonged for a couple of months or more they will have little concept or appreciation of chronic pain and, no matter how empathic, will not truly understand the full nature of the situation which the chronic pain sufferer is experiencing. There is limited community understanding of persistent chronic/pain and because of this individuals with the condition can face disbelief and discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of disability is illegal.

The greatest challenge of chronic pain may not be the intensity, nor the nature of the pain, but the fact that the pain persists and that long term relief is a hope but not an expectation. In some there develops a belief that the pain will 'never go' and that the pain will remain a facet of their existence for the rest of their lives. This is the most dangerous effect of chronic pain as it can lead to feelings of helplessness and depression.

Dealing with chronic pain requires a strategy which produces the best possible result. Each individual will require their own strategy and no two strategies are alike. There are facets of pain management which are common to most pain sufferers and other pages on this website can help.


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