Breathing For Relaxation

Shallow, rapid breathing results from tension. Deep breathing helps relax you

Learning deep breathing reduces muscle tension thereby lessening pain. To begin, find a quiet warm place, where you won't be disturbed. Once this technique is learnt it can follow you into any situation you are in.

  1. Make your self comfortable i.e. lie down on your back, turn on your side or sit up straight.
  2. Loosen any tight clothing
  3. Begin by listening to your breathing without changing its natural pattern
  4. Breathe through your nose (or mouth if your nose is blocked)
  5. Put your hands over your stomach area and feel your hands rise and fall.
  6. Imagine you are breathing into your hands. Relax your stomach muscles. Take deep, slow breaths. Remember to breathe at your own pace
  7. As you breathe out, imagine your tensions are being breathed away. Every time you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in peace

Always keep your breathing natural.

Muscle Relaxation and Breath Meditation Audio by Nola Diamantopoulos: nolatalks


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